Our mission is to inspire, motivate and empower women and youth to drive change in their own lives and into the world. The WE NETWORK is a 501 c3 Non-Profit Organization that promotes physical and mental wellness by spreading awareness, providing resources, creating events and by uniting leaders in different industries to help empower women and children to live life to the fullest. Our events fund our programs that provide Mental Health and Educational services for women and young girls.

Christina Brophy   President/Program Developer   The Women’s Empowerment Network

Christina Brophy

President/Program Developer

The Women’s Empowerment Network


My names is Christina Brophy and am the President and Program Developer of The WE Network a 501c3 non-profit organization supporting women and youth. My approach is to assist women and youth through the healing journey and all aspects of healthy living. Our organization funds counseling, financial services and educational services (for youth) going through or overcoming sexual abuse, domestic violence, and trauma. The healing journey can be a very personal one, requiring inner work that is sometimes the most challenging to talk about. By creating a safe space and partnering with professionals in the Mental Health and Financial Wellness field where women can learn how to navigate through their own journey, allows them to learn more about where they have come from, recognize milestones, and grow from challenging experiences in a healthy and positive way. We are here to be that helping hand in individual growth and support. I am beyond grateful to watch this organization grow and work with such incredible professional women with a passion to give back.

Stephanie Villasenor   Licensed Therapist   The Women’s Empowerment Network Partner

Stephanie Villasenor

Licensed Therapist

The Women’s Empowerment Network Partner

Stephanie villasenor

Mental Health Services

My name is Stephanie Ann Villasenor. I am a licensed marriage and family therapist. My goal in life is to assist any person/s in need of recovery or growth. I focus on inner strength and self exploration by providing counseling services to individuals, couples and families. However, I understand that therapy can be a frightening experience, and its helpful to know a little about your possible new therapist.

I have spent time working in group homes, adult clinics, children/teen clinics, and in-patient facilities.  I have worked with clients struggling with issues such as anxiety, depression, addictions, trauma, behavioral issues, family conflicts, etc. Majority of my experience has been within the latino/a community, and I strive to offer culturally sensitive approaches and techniques.  

Sometimes in life, we are confronted by hurdles that seem difficult to overcome on our own. Let's do this together at a safe pace. I aim to build a strong bond between clients and myself. This sets the precedence for the rest of the treatment process. I utilize elements from different approaches to develop the best treatment plan suited for my clients, by exploring personal backgrounds and incorporating life experiences as a way to examine and resolve issues that hinder a healthy lifestyle.

I specialize in working with children, teens and women that are struggling with anxiety, depression and trauma. I work with clients to build self-esteem and overcome symptoms of anxiety and depression that are causing impairment in their lives. My goal is to guide my clients through a process of self-discovery and personal growth.

Check out my website : www.villasenorcounseling.com for more info or to book a session!

Monica Carter    Financial Wellness Partner   The Women’s Empowerment Network

Monica Carter

Financial Wellness Partner

The Women’s Empowerment Network

Monica Carter

Financial Wellness

Monica Carter is our financial wellness partner in our Los Angeles region.Being licensed nationally in many states enables her to reach many women. She has made it her life mission to empower women to take charge of their financial freedom, by not staying stuck in any of obstacles they may have experienced in their life. You cannot be financially free, if you don't change your mindset! Her story will shock you, but empower you to push through to accomplish your dreams. Monica is a walking billboard for motivation with an infectious personality.

We are excited to have Monica a part of our organization to help women who feel anything less than independent and to help them take control of their finances and freedom.

To reach out to Monica Carter email her at Mcarterpwa@gmail.com


Through our programs we provide free services for women including :

  • Therapy

  • Support Groups

  • Financial Planning

  • Mental Health Services


Through The WE NETWORK we provide weekly tutoring services for children ages 8-15 years old who are falling behind and that need extra one on one time with professional educators.

If you have a child that would benefit from our services or an educator that wants to be involved with assisting youth in our organization please fill out the form in our contact section.

Services available in :

Ventura County

Los Angeles County


Through our events we are able to fund educational services for women and youth in Ventura County and Los Angeles.

We are always looking to collaborate with businesses and organizations that are making a difference. We take pride in being able to put on events and partner organizations to assist with funding for our programs.

work with us and make a difference, nationwide.

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